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Performance Degradation for the Dashboard in US-4 environment

Performance Degradation for the Dashboard in US-4 environment

Current Status: Resolved | Last updated at September 27, 2023, 19:30 UTC

Affected environments: US-4 Production

History for this incident

September 27, 202319:30 UTC


This incident has now been resolved, and service has been restored. We have identified minor misconfigurations related to the platform migration for US-4 which impacted the Management Dashboard internal service operations. While this resulted in failure calls with 5xx and 429s responses when attempting to retrieve tenant information from that environment, we confirmed that Authentication was not impacted. We apologize for the impact this has had on you and your users.

September 27, 202318:47 UTC


We applied a fix for the issue and are monitoring the system.

September 27, 202318:27 UTC


We saw a spike in error rates that has impacted a subset of customers in our US-4 environment. We confirmed that impacted users would have experienced degraded functionality or saw some 5xx and 4xx error codes when accessing Manage Dashboard. Authentication is not affected. Our team is rolling out a fix that may take ~90 minutes to complete. We will provide an update once it's implemented.

September 27, 202317:27 UTC


We've identified the root cause and are rolling out a fix. Next update will be in 30 minutes.

September 27, 202313:30 UTC


We are seeing degraded Dashboard performance for the impacted environments and are investigating the cause.