Elevated error rate in Auth0

Elevated error rate in Auth0

Current Status: Resolved | Last updated at June 23rd 2021, 23:53 UTC

Affected environments: EU Production, EU Preview

A root-cause analysis for this issue has been performed and is now available at https://cdn.auth0.com/blog/20210610-Incident-RCA.pdf

History for this incident

June 11, 20211:25 UTC


The incident has been resolved. We apologize for the disruption of service. We will provide our customers with a detailed Root Cause Analysis (RCA) within the next 14 days or sooner.

June 10, 202121:58 UTC


Our Engineering teams have resolved the increase in latency. While services are in the clear for now, we are continuing to monitor for any underlying hardware issues, and will move to a Resolved stage as soon as we confirm that all of the underlying hardware issues have been addressed.

June 10, 202121:16 UTC


Our Engineers continue to investigate on improving latency for the environment. Certain Authentication API endpoints may experience sporadic increases in latency while we continue to address issues in the environment.

June 10, 202120:45 UTC


Our error rate has decreased, we are still experiencing increased latency in the environment. Our Engineers continue to work on this situation.

June 10, 202120:34 UTC


We are experiencing an elevated error rate in our EU environment. Our Engineers are investigating.